White Box FMAG House Rules

As I may have mentioned before, some of my friends from work wanted me to run a D&D campaign for them. A few of them have never played RPGs before (or at least not in a very long time). Given that and we can only play over the lunch hour break weekly, I wanted something that’s like D&D but super simple to run and teach.

In the end, I’ve narrowed down the choice to White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game (WB FMAG). It’s a thin digest-size book that’s a retro clone of OD&D that has everything I need to run an old school D&D campaign.

A few of the things I like about it that I think would make it quick and simple to run are: players only need a d20 and a D6 (or more); single saving throws; the thief has a X-in-6 skill check; group initiative; and simplified monster listings (also HD is the attack bonus and Save is 19-HD).

As an added bonus, if my players found themselves wanting a copy of the game for themselves, it’s free in PDF and sold at cost at around $5 at Amazon.

For my prep, I wanted to finalize the house rules for the campaign stuff so I can hand it over to my players at the table. Here is the third draft, if anybody is interested. I also formatted it in the WB FMAG style.

[Get the PDF Here]

PS. This was inspired by Smoldering Wizard’s WB FMAG House Rules.

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